Arrive Happy with the Walk Doctors

The ‘Walk Doctor’ was invited to set up shop at Liverpool’s vibrant workspace Avenue HQ recently, giving independent businesses the opportunity to have an informal consultation about how they could have a healthier commute to and from work.

The process is very simple. ‘Walk Doctors’ Simon Harrison and Jane Rickwood work through a basic checklist of physical activity with people to see if there’s a way that they can do more exercise as part of their working day.

“What we usually find,” explains Simon, “is that people are not doing nearly as much exercise as they think they are. This isn’t altogether surprising given our modern working lifestyles tend to be quite sedentary.

“Nonetheless it still surprises people, which is where we come in, helping them to work out a daily routine that will improve both health and mental wellbeing.”

Given Avenue HQ’s proximity to the Liverpool’s waterfront it shouldn’t take much to get people out to enjoy what the city has to offer at lunchtimes.

“One of the people that we spoke was so inspired by the session that he went out and did a mile long walk along the Mersey straight after his consultation,” says Jane.

Walk Doctor events are a popular way of engaging any audience that employers or organisations wish to reach, inspiring them to make walking a more prominent part of their lifestyles.

Living Streets’ ‘Walk Doctors’ are specialists who can consult with your staff/customers/community members on their walking habits, to identify barriers and promote solutions that might encourage walking. This service can be delivered at your premises or in a public space such as a town centre, depending on your target audience.

For more information visit Living Streets: Walk Doctors or contact Simon Harrison at or 07921 383782.