Wintertime top tips.


Arrive happy this winter

The days may still be short and the weather may be less than inspiring, but it’s easier than you think to get out and active during the winter months.

Darker mornings and early evenings can mean it’s hard to find the motivation to walk or cycle part of your journey to work. Try setting yourself small goals to get you started and see how far you can go.

Why not get off the bus a few stops early and get some steps in? Or how about hiring a bike from a location nearer to work so that you can get a few spins in before you start your day at the office?

One thing’s for sure… if you can include just 20 minutes of activity in your daily routine, it can help lift your mood, increase your energy levels and save you money.

So why not give it a go?

Even if it’s cycling or walking to work once or twice a week, doing a little bit of extra exercise will make you feel happier and healthier.

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Here are a few top tips to help you Arrive happy this winter


Be safe

If you’re cycling in winter it’s extra important to check over your bike, the tyre grip and pressure, brakes, lights etc., so make sure you make time for that.

Be conscious of road conditions, surfaces can be skiddy, so take it easy and allow a bit more time to get from a to b.

Also if you’re on your bike and get caught out in particularly bad weather, remember you can always hop off your bike and walk.

The same goes for walking… if you don’t have any walking shoes why not treat yourself and invest in a good pair to keep your feet cosy and grounded whatever the weather.

If possible you can then keep your ‘work’ shoes waiting for you when you arrive – clean, dry and ready for work.

Be seen

Lights on bikes and bright reflective cycling jackets or vests are a great way to make sure that you’re visible to other pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

And when you’re walking it’s important to be aware that in darker hours you’re less visible, so be extra careful especially on shared use routes.

Be sensible

Plan ahead… if you know you’re going to be cycling or walking in the dark, choose a safe, ideally well-lit, route. It’s better to add on a few extra minutes or metres by choosing a sensible path or cycleway.

And check the weather too. Weekly forecasts can give you a good indication of what the week of weather has in store, so you can then pick a good day to walk or cycle and whether it’s looking like rain, snow or shine you can prep your winter wardrobe accordingly.

Be sociable

Cycling or walking are both excellent ways to give yourself some headspace to clear away niggling thoughts and worries so that you can arrive happy to work or home with a fresh outlook.

A trip on foot or by bike can also be a fantastic way to catch up with friends or work colleagues and it’s always helpful having a friend around if you get a flat tyre!

Be warm

As you know it can be really nippy and wet in winter so it’s important to keep yourself warm and dry.

Make sure you keep your toes toasty with good socks and waterproof shoes and make a mantra to never leave home without your hat and gloves.

A winter waterproof is essential, one you can tuck away in your backpack for rainy days is always handy so there’s no fear of getting caught out if the heavens open.

Because you never quite know what the weather will be like in winter and because you’ll certainly warm up when you’re on the move, we’d recommend layering up. You can then keep yourself comfortable by adding or removing a top or two!

Be practical

It may not be your first choice in the fashion department but a good backpack or comfortable shoulder bag that you can pop those extra layers in is a great way to make sure that you’re prepared on your journey.

And it’s always an idea to have a water bottle with you, so that you can keep hydrated – another surprisingly good way to keep your energy levels up.

Be happy

Most of all enjoy the experience!

If you’re prepared for the worst of the winter weather you’re half way there, so whether it’s bracing or bright, rainy or rainbows, foggy or fair, you’ll be ready and set to get out and arrive happy.


Are you looking to get a little bit healthier in your daily routine, and in doing so get a little happier too?