Walker: Rebecca


“Once you leave the house you just have to do it – you can only go forwards – just give it a try.”

Rebecca Dunne is a Case Worker, Risk and Intelligence Service, HMRC

Where do you walk?

I walk from the city centre to Bootle.

How long have you been doing this journey by foot?

I’ve been walking to Bootle for around 18 months. Before then I’ve always worked in town.

How long is your journey?

It’s about 3 miles, which takes me 50 minutes.

Why did you decide to walk?

To justify sitting at a desk all day! I used to get the train, but I quickly realised that I could walk in roughly the same time. The train would be a 15-minute walk to the station, 15-minutes on the train, and another 5-minute walk from the station to the office, so the walk is the same really.

What are the best bits of your journey?

I like the walk. When I leave the house I’m half asleep, but when I get to work I’m refreshed. I listen to music on the way, usually reggae and feel good hip-hop.

Has anything interesting happened on your walk?

I’ve seen Project Jennifer happen from the beginning while I’ve been walking, so I’ve seen all that change. Now I use the shops on my way home and it saves time and I don’t have to do chores at the weekend.

When is your favourite time of year to walk?

I like winter and summer. In winter you can get wrapped up and put your hat and coat on – I like crisp dry winter days. Summer’s good because you can enjoy the nice weather and you don’t need a coat. I don’t like it when it rains but I don’t often get caught in the rain.

Have you noticed any benefits to walking?

I definitely feel healthier. I wear a Fitbit and I can see that the steps on my days off are a lot less than they are on work days. I think it’s good for my posture too – we sit a lot at work. It also gives you time to think.

What would you say to anyone who’s thinking of commuting on foot to encourage them to get started?

Once you leave the house you just have to do it – you can only go forwards – just give it a try.