Cyclist: Tracy


"You feel ready to take on the day after a nice ride to work."

Tracy Hitchmough is self-employed at Sew Creative

Where do you cycle from/to?

I ride to one of the railway stations to get the train; this can be any of my local stations depending on how much time I have. I like to ride to one further away so that I get more riding in before and after work. So, it can be either a few hundred yards or 5 miles. When I get off the train I ride a further 4 miles to work.

How long have you been doing this journey by bike?

I have been doing this route for two and a half years, prior to that I would just to ride all the way to work and back as it was only 5 miles each way.

How long is your journey?

When I get off the train it is about 4 miles riding to work, I can ride along the promenade, so I can look at the river as well and take in what is going on; it only takes 20 minutes.

Why did you decide to cycle?

I like getting the exercise, it’s a great way to keep fit and active as well as getting loads of fresh air. You get to see more as well when cycling. You feel ready to take on the day after a nice ride to work. I hate the car journey, I really hate it. It’s too busy and makes me get home really late. If I can just cycle down to the train station then I can jump on the train and it’s still quicker than going by car.

What are the best bits about your journey?

I notice people more and what is going on around me in more detail. I tend to look at the local buildings and land marks.

When is your favourite time of year to cycle and why?

I like spring as its not too hot and everywhere looks beautiful starting to bloom, it also makes me think of many rides ahead through into autumn. I like cycling in winter as well but not less than zero.

Have you noticed any benefits to cycling?

Yes, my stamina has increased incredibly, and it makes me want to do more.

What would you say to anyone who’s thinking of commuting by bike to encourage them to get started?

Just enjoy the sense of freedom you get from cycling. No traffic jams.