Cyclist: Ed Lamb


“Environmentally, cycling is a ‘no brainer’.”

Ed Lamb - self-employed graphic designer

“I used to ride my bike all the time when I was a kid,” says self-employed graphic designer Ed Lamb from The Wirral. “But like so many people I got into the habit of driving into work every day and never really considered that there was an alternative. It was just something I did.

“However, when my work pattern changed and it meant that I had to commute into Birkenhead every day I chose cycling instead of buying a car and have enjoyed every minute of it.”

Ed has become something of an evangelist for cycling since taking it up again a few years back. “It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s cheap,” he says. “Plus I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been.

“Environmentally, cycling is a ‘no brainer’,” he continues. “I do think we need to think about work patterns and flexible working so that more people can start later in order to spend time with the kids and teach them the health and wellbeing value of cycling.”

Ed is keen to lead by example and incorporates the school run into his daily commute.

With a bit of planning he can leave a child’s bike and bike seat at school so he can carry on his journey into Birkenhead. It’s only about 500m to the local school but it’s a great way to inspire kids to get into cycling.

“Being self-employed you never really switch off,” he continues, “so it’s really important to have a bit of downtime which is why just one reason why cycling is so important to me.”

“It’s a real head-clearer.”