Cyclist: Councillor Liam Robinson


“I’m a creature of habit so I tend to follow the same routes to and from work everyday.”

Councillor Liam Robinson

“I found some nice quiet routes to get me around so all in all it’s a pretty pleasant experience,” says keen cyclist Liam Robinson, a councillor for Kensington and Fairfield. “If I have other journeys to make around the city I have loads of routes mapped out in my head to get round efficiently. I’ll even cycle in the evening to avoid using the car.”

“The health and wellbeing aspect of cycling is a key part of it to me,” he continues. “When I was working nights in a previous job I didn’t get the chance to go to the gym so it became my main way of getting some exercise. But it quickly became more than that as I realised that it was a great way of getting me alert and ready for a day in the office and also an ideal way of winding down before an evening at home with the family.”

As a councillor Liam is all too aware of health disparities across the city region. To him encouraging more active lifestyles is a way to genuinely improve people’s mental outlook and quality of life. “Kensington is so close to the city centre,” he says, “so we’re a perfect area from a cycling perspective. Cycling can be cheap, nothings too far away in Liverpool and it’s a really healthy pastime.”

Having spent years working on projects that help improve the health and wellbeing of people across the City Region, Liam is all too aware of the challenges that stop people getting on their bikes.

“The weather can be an issue and so can people’s perceptions of road safety,” he says, “but we as a city need to look at ways to get people to give it a go. There are a number of ways to do this and there are a number of funded courses across the city that can help people learn bike maintenance, mend a puncture etc.”

“Once people can overcome these hurdles they, much like me, can enjoy all the benefits of using a bike to get round the city and beyond. I can’t recommend cycling enough.”