Cyclist and Walker: Gary


“Cycling or walking is ‘me’ time.”

Gary Spinks, Manager Civil Servant, Civil Service

Where do you walk and cycle?

I walk or cycle to work. I’m a fair weather cyclist. It’s 2 miles from home to work. By foot this takes me half an hour, by bike 10-15 minutes depending on how the wind blows!

How long have you been doing this journey?

I have been doing this journey by foot for around three years now. Before this, I worked in Liverpool City Centre and would more often than not travel by car.

Why did you decide to walk?

Health reasons mainly. I have high blood pressure and diabetes, so it’s a way of being healthier. It also saves money! We have a Fitbit group at work with a weekly competition to get the most steps, there’s no prize but it motivates you. Cycling or walking is ‘me’ time. At home you’ve got the kids and then you’ve got work, but the walk or cycle in between is just me.

What are the best bits of your journey?

I walk through the park just before I get to work, so I appreciate the wildlife and the different scenery. The fresh air makes you feel good, especially in the summer.

When is your favourite time of year to walk and cycle?

Summer and autumn, the change of the seasons. I walk more than cycle in the winter, so I have chance to take it all in.

Have you noticed any benefits to walking and cycling?

I’ve lost weight, I feel better and healthier. It’s a no brainer for me, my diabetes has improved.