Cyclist: Chris


“Exercise is great for mental health. I turn up to work in a positive frame of mind after cycling in.”

Chris Halsall, Energy & Environment Advisor

Bike & Go is an exciting cycle share scheme that can be found at 72 locations across the UK, many of them at train stations. People sign up for the scheme – an annual subscription is £10 – and they can then hire bikes for £3.80 for 24 hours. It’s perfect for those looking to get a bit more healthy as part of their daily commute.

Chris Halsall is an Energy & Environment Advisor. He lives and works in Liverpool city centre and uses the scheme regularly. We caught up with him as Bike & Go launches its latest facility at Seacombe Ferry Terminal.

What do you enjoy about cycling?

It gives me the freedom to go wherever I want. It gets me outside, keeps me fit and gives me fresh air. And in most cases it gets me where I want to go more quickly!

How does Bike & Go fit in to making a healthier city region?

It allows people to hire a bike and be active for part of their journey, building an element of exercise into their day. It also reduces environmental pollution within the city as every person using a bike is potentially one less car in the city.

How do you fit exercise into your daily life?

Cycling to and from work is my main form of exercise. I also like to explore other areas in my free time by bike. My girlfriend and I regularly take the train to different locations and hire a bike a station to explore as my Bike & Go membership allows me to hire two bikes at a time. Our favourite ride is West Kirby to New Brighton along the coast.

How does cycling make you feel?

Exercise is great for mental health! I turn up to work in a positive frame of mind after cycling in, and it gives me the time to wind down after work, so that by the time I have cycled home I am relaxed.

Bike & Go can be found at Liverpool Central and Moorfields stations in the city. For more information go to